Experimental/noise music inside CERN

WATCH: Deerhoof vs. the Large Hadron Collider

Photo: Marine Bass/CERN

Photo: Marine Bass/CERN

It's 2017, and the Large Hadron Collider now operates at the highest energy in human history, 13 trillion electron volts. We have many ideas as to what we'll discover (dark matter, supersymmetry, extra Higgs bosons, quantum black holes), but we are really simply exploring the scientific unknown.

The participating musicians are highly experienced at exploring the musical unknown.

Ex/Noise/CERN juxtaposes physics and music by putting these carefully selected musicians in carefully selected locations in CERN.

What we'll discover is unknown.

Get ready.


Ex/Noise/CERN Season 1

  1. Deerhoof / 30 Aug 2015 / Video went live on 18 Sept 2015
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